I have been always dreaming about travelling from one country to another, experience different lifestyles, get familiar with other languages, meet open-minded people… I used to live and work in Scotland and England for two years. I was quite unlucky to find a job which salary would allowed me to travel at least through UK. I felt a big discomfort staying there.

I quit my job in July just to go away from a daily routine and monotony. Then I was searching for a way to travel with minimum expenses. After a dozen of websites I’ve spotted workaway.info. From a first sight I was sure that I’ve found what I was looking for. Most projects on Workaway offer you a food and accommodation for 3 to 5 hours of work per day.

Traveling is great, but to make it easy and actually enjoyable you need to get rid of the big chunk of your physical belongings. In the previous post I was talking about changing your mindset and becoming minimal in order to be able to work and travel anywhere.

Today I’d like to share some of my own experiences packing up and preparing for the trip. After crazy Eurotrip Dare With Us 2013 I’ve learnt (the hard way) how to fill your backpack with useless and heavy stuff that will suddenly make you so stressful that you’ll simply throw it out anywhere.

Before leaving

It’s all about the peace of mind, reach out to everyone you care about and let them know about your adventures. Make sure to check all your contracts with companies you pay for, pay all the bills, cancel unnecessary services and make sure you don’t have any debt so it won’t pile up until you get back.

A lot of people keep asking me what I do for living, how and why I do it. In today’s post I’d like to discuss an idea of working and traveling at the same time. It may not be new for people who call themselves digital nomads or simply ones who can not live without traveling and exploring the world.

The most part of our lives is work, work, work and then once or twice a year vacation. When I was still working in London I’ve asked myself why I can not redesign my lifestyle to have more time, explore more and basically change the pattern of life to be work, vacation, work, vacation, work, vacation and you can guess how it continues.

Currently I am staying in Budapest, Hungary with plans to go to Asia later this year with one-way ticket. I am freelance designer and blogger running Despreneur and Refe from my laptop.

Have you been curious about the beginning of the Dare With Us?

Today I am sharing the story of how it all started back in the summer of 2012.

We Had Jobs We Hated

It was an extremely nice and sunny summer day. I was just got back from Denmark for my holidays in Lithuania and visited my best friend Justas at his office in Vilnius. I was working as a dishwasher/waiter in a restaurant in Aarhus, Denmark and was more than happy to have some time off. Justas was working for electronic retail company as a sales manager and we both hated our jobs. We stumbled upon  Indiegogo & Kickstarter and we saw those awesome people doing things they love and we were instantly inspired to do something crazy, no matter what but we wanted to enjoy it and have lots of fun.

Hello adventurers!

We would like to introduce Lithuania for you! The first stop – Vilnius.

As you know Vilnius is a capital of our beautiful country. Vilnius old town is one of the largest and most exquisite old towns in Central and Eastern Europe and the most northernmost capital city which took over the architectural styles of old Southern and Western Europe. It even has a medieval tower from the time of the great Lithuanian dukes.

As Coelho has written, “In order to find the treasure, you will have to follow the omens”.

“In order to find the treasure, you will have to follow the omens.” - Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Signs, omens, lessons – whatever you call them, they still work the same way. Every day we are exposed to a variety of situations, which pretty often (but not always) have hidden sense.
Sometimes they bring you an idea you were looking for, sometimes they make you feel ecstatic, sometimes they bring you together with the people who can change your life (at least for a little bit).

These omens, or lessons, can be found in the simplest moments such as in the market while buying a box of cheap milk or in the concert, standing in the long line.

You may ask, so what? What could possibly be found there? Check this out – an experience talks itself.